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Thermal Hazards

Man working on glassblowing © Uwe Völkner, FOX photo agency

Accidents involving cold or hot media generally have an acute and sustained impact on the casualties. Apart from the considerable immediate pain, injuries with wounds that are difficult to heal, the risk of infection and scarring are the result. The shock reaction upon contact with such media can also result in secondary damage, such as fall- or impact-based accidents.

When working with machines, equipment, tools and systems, because of the technology used,

  • surfaces that are very cold or hot (for example, at annealing furnaces, hot plates, boiler systems, dry ice),
  • media (for example, molten metals, boiling water or grease, coolant), and
  • emissions (for example, hot steam)

can be expected. In all cases, direct skin contact or the inhalation of such media can cause acute damage due to the localised freezing and/or burning or scalding of the skin.

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