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Mechanical Hazards

Mechanical hazards may come from

  • unprotected parts moving in a controlled manner that are freely accessible and, for example, form pinching points, shearing points, cutting and puncture points, catching points and traps, as well as stumbling points,
  • surfaces such as corners, edges, tips, blades, surfaces with high surface roughness values,
  • mobile work equipment, e.g. in connection with remote controls, control systems, reversing, driving under impaired visibility, driving on gravel underground, or driving with a load changing the centre of gravity.
  • parts moving in an uncontrolled manner, for example tilting, rolling, sliding or falling parts or loosening and bursting parts, and parts flying away, and media squirting under pressure or media and/or goods projected,
  • slippery surfaces, tripping points, and
  • the possibility of falling persons on a surface or an object located below them.

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