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What do I have to determine?

Basically, only the actually present hazards that are typical (significant) for the corresponding workstation and may affect the employees at the workstation must be captured.

Both hazards that may lead to accidents and work-related health hazards must be taken into account.

According to the Safety and Health at Work Act, hazards specifically result from

  • the design and equipment of the workstation, including all transport routes, working, storage, sanitary, and staff rooms, and the workstation,
  • physical, chemical, and biological stresses,
  • the design, selection, use, condition of work equipment (machines, devices, systems, and tools) and materials, as well as the handling of these and the handling of the work objects to be processed,
  • the design of work and production methods,
  • the design of the organisation of work (procedures, labour division, working hours, break times, responsibility),
  • the insufficient qualification, skills, and capabilities, as well as insufficient instruction of the employees, as well as
  • psychic stresses during work.

Hazards may also occur as a result of

  • the working environment conditions, such as climate, illumination, light, as well as
  • the selection and the improper use of personal protective equipment

In order to capture the hazards systematically and completely, you should orient on a list of hazards that are possible as a matter of principle. A basic orientation for assessing possible hazards can be found in the overview of hazard factors of the guideline risk assessment (annex 1).

Please also note that different hazards may result under different operating conditions. The following operating conditions should be included in your assessment:

  • normal operation
  • start-up
  • set-up
  • testing
  • shut-down
  • maintenance/service
  • repair
  • malfunctions/failures

Check all working areas, workstations and activities, respectively, in a step-by-step manner. For similar workstations, procedures.