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What documents from my company can I use?

During the preparation phase, you should collect all documents concerning the selected working area, the selected occupational group, the persons concerned, or the work task.

Hence, it is important to know which procedures, materials, and tools are being used. Investigate whether there are accidents, near misses, work-related diseases, and possible information from the employees regarding deficiencies in the organisation of work.

For example, the documents you should use include:

  • reports and existing on-site visit protocols of the appointed company doctors and occupational health and safety practitioners,
  • reports from the meetings of the committee for occupational safety and health,
  • internal documents on noise measurements, hazardous materials, and device inspections,
  • hazardous substances index,
  • quality management documentation,
  • hygiene schedule, or
  • emergency schemes.

However, you may also determine risks and stresses retrospectively, by including

  • disruptions and accidents,
  • accident reports,
  • sick leave statistics and health reports,
  • occupational disease reports,
  • accident books, or
  • documents on near misses.

into your preparatory measures.


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