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Seven Steps for Risk Assessment

There is no “generally valid way” for performing a risk assessment. Extent and methodology of the risk assessment are always oriented on the specific circumstances within the company. The important thing is that you proceed in a structured way.

The following steps are tried and tested, guiding you through the risk assessment like a central theme:

  1. Preparation of the risk assessment,
  2. Determination of the hazards,
  3. Assessment of the hazards,
  4. Determination of specific occupational safety and health measures,
  5. Performance of the measures,
  6. Review of the performance and efficiency of the measures, and
  7. Updating of the risk assessment

If you perform and document the recommended steps, you pursue the process of risk assessment as intended by the German Safety and Health at Work Act and other legal provisions.

And – first and foremost – you ensure that your employees will be healthy regarding their work environment!


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