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Why do I have to compile a documentation?

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is necessary for every employer who employs staff to compile a detailed documentation of the risk assessment which is implemented in the company. This documentation obligation is stipulated according to the German Safety and Health at Work Act § 6 (1).

The employer is obliged to compile documentation which details

  • the results of the risk assessment,
  • the occupational safety measures to be implemented on the basis thereof, and
  • the results of their verification

accordingly. In the event of a similar risk situation, it is considered sufficient for the docu-ments to contain summarised information.

Apart from the legal guidelines, there are a variety of other reasons which also speak in favour of documenting the risk assessment:

  • the documentation makes it easier for you to keep a clear record of the measures, the responsible individuals and the deadlines for the implementation of the occupational health and safety measures.
  • It also helps notify the employees of the existing risks and to provide them with the appropriate instructions for compliance with the health and safety regulations.
  • It forms the basis for the work of the occupational safety specialist, the medical of-ficer, the safety officer and the occupational health and safety committee.
  • It forms the basis for the right to information of the works council or staff council.
  • It is considered proof of the fulfilment of your obligations towards the state authorities and your employer's liability insurance association.
  • It provides you with legal protection. Should an accident occur, with your documentation, you can prove that you implemented the risk assessment and that you have organised your company in compliance with the occupational safety and health regulations.

If you implement and document the seven steps for risk assessment as described, you have fulfilled the requirements of the Safety and Health at Work Act.


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