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Basic Knowledge for the Risk Assessment

How the safety and the health protection of the employees at the workstation must be ensured and improved is specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the DGUV Regulation 1.

Accordingly, all employers are obliged to perform an appropriate risk assessment for all workstations. This obligation is applicable regardless of the number of employees.

A risk assessment can be deemed appropriate and in conformity with the law, respectively, if all obligations required in the Safety and Health at Work Act - both regarding the employer (§§ 3-14 ArbSchG) and regarding the employees (§§ 15–17 ArbSchG) - are included in the overall process of the risk assessment.

On the following pages we would like to provide you with a short overview of the topic of risk assessment. You will learn

  • what characterises an appropriate risk assessment,
  • why one should perform a risk assessment, and
  • how a risk assessment is performed properly.