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Risk Assessment with the Key Indicator Methods (KIM)

Key Indicator Methods are screening tools.

Paper forms with instructions for the following six types of physical workload are available in German, in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Turkish:

  • manual lifting, holding and carrying of loads,
  • manual pushing and pulling of loads,
  • manual handling operations,
  • whole-body forces,
  • awkward body postures, and
  • body movement.

The Key Indicator Methods passed a comprehensive examination of quality criteria, and they were tested in several companies. They are approved for the use in practice now. The algorithms for the interpolation of rating points and the aggregation of the results of risk assessment ("Extended KIM's" or KIM-E) have been published in a baua: Fokus Publication.
Interactive forms with integrated calculation support are available in German. They include the algorithms of the KIM-E. For use, please refer to the German interactive forms with the help of the user manuals for KIM-E, which are available in English now. The interactive forms in English language are still in progress.
Before applying the key indicator methods, it is meaningful to get an impression of whether there is physical workload at the workplace at all. A basic check list combined with a screening tool is provided for this purpose (in German).

The Key Indicator Methods were redesigned and newly developed lead-managed by the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). They are screening tools, but require a good knowledge of the workstations to be assessed. The Key Indicator Methods allow for the identification of structural deficits regarding ergonomic design of a workplace and provide information about measures with the potential to reduce the risks of adverse health effects.

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