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Human-Technology Interaction

Robotic systems will create new forms of collaboration between humans and machines in the future.

Innovative technologies give new significance to the interactions between people and technology. The direct interaction between humans and robots as well as other adaptive, partially autonomous assistance systems is one of the current areas of research at BAuA.

Human-machine interaction © Uwe Völkner, Fotoagentur FOX

What was impossible with classic industrial robots in the past is now becoming a reality with new, collaborative robot systems: humans and robots will work together directly and share the same physical work space. There are also numerous new opportunities for the use of robots in the service sector. The range of possible interactions between people and robots therefore is wide. For these reasons, a systematic observation of the respective consequences can and should make full use of the potential of foresighted and humane work design.

BAuA is researching the key issues behind human-technology interaction

Among others, questions have been raised regarding humane task allocation and linking of technology, feedback strategies, context-sensitive provision of information and the shaping of humane decision latitude, as well as questions surrounding the corresponding psychological stresses and strains.

The goal of the field of activity is to provide science-based answers to questions relating to humane interaction with new technology, such as lightweight robots and other partially autonomous assistance systems. The next step is to publish the results and to use them in the scope of policy consultation and standardisation.

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