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Toner Dust

Risks to health when working with printers and photocopiers

Do toner dust and emissions from printers and photocopiers pose a health risk to office staff? On this page, you will find BAuA's latest assessment of this question as well as useful information on protective measures.

The control guidance sheets 130 "Printing, copying" and 260 "Maintenance and servicing routine at printers and copiers" are a practical source of help on how risks to staff can be prevented or reduced to a minimum. The protective measures in the area of printing and photocopying can be chosen on the basis of these control guidance sheets.

The "Drucker und Kopierer" pamphlet provides a summary of the measures required to minimise the pollution caused by the dust released by laser printers and photocopiers (available on our German Website).

The article "Tonerstaub und Emissionen von Druckern und Kopierern am Arbeitsplatz" provides an overview of printer and photocopier emissions as well as toner dust at the workplace. In addition, the latest knowledge concerning the potential health effects that can result from these emissions is presented (available on our German Website).

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