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Consultancies and Software for the Compilation of Safety Data Sheets

List of service providers and software for the compilation of safety data sheets

A wide variety of support, including consultancies and computer programs, is available for the compilation of safety data sheets (SDS) according to Article 31, Annex II of the REACH Regulation.

You can find addresses of organisations which offer consulting services or software in this field in the lists available to download.

IT systems are frequently offered as part of a package with management systems. The range of systems includes tools for classification and labelling, transport classification, etc. and also phrase libraries, to the compilation of the safety data sheet. It is important for the data to be checked for its quality and plausibility by qualified personnel.

The lists are continuously updated. They make no claim to be definitive.

  • The consultancies and computer programs listed have not been checked for their quality, suitability, performance capacity, etc.
  • The details are based exclusively on information from the consultancies and software providers. We are unable to accept any responsibility for them.
  • The lists are not definitive and are therefore open to additional organisations, which can be added upon request.
  • The service providers are listed by postcode and the name of the software. The list is not ranked in order of importance.
  • If you would like to be included on the list or if you find any addresses which are wrong or out of date, please notify Mrs Büdeker.

Please download the complete lists on our German Website.


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