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REACH Assessment Unit OSH

Protecting workers when handling chemicals

Evaluating, assessing and managing risks: On this and the following web pages, you can learn about the fields in which the REACH Assessment Unit OSH is engaged.

The "Assessment Unit for Occupational Safety and Health of Workers" (in short "REACH Assessment Unit OSH") is responsible for promoting the protection of workers during their handling of chemicals.

The foundation for this kind of chemical management is formed by data regarding the toxi-cology, exposure and occupational health information of the substances. This data is used to compile a risk description. On this basis, a risk assessment is conducted, which is followed by the development of a targeted risk management.

A new instrument which helps to assess the impacts of a specific risk management measure is also available: This is the assessment of the economic, social and environmental impact of measures on the basis of the socio-economic analysis (SEA). This SEA influences the selection of the regulatory measures.



Further Information

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