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Easy-to-use Workplace Control Scheme for Hazardous Substances (EMKG)

For risk assessment according to the Hazardous Substances Ordinance

The EMKG (Einfaches Maßnahmenkonzept Gefahrstoffe) supports you with the assessment of risks when dealing with hazardous substances and suggests appropriate measures. It applies to occupational safety officers in small and medium sized companies.

The EMKG takes all of the health risks which are listed in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance into account. In addition to direct contact with hazardous substances - inhalation or skin contact, for example - this also includes the risk of fire and explosion.

Rapid determination of measures

By combining easily accessible parameters from safety data sheets and site inspections, the EMKG enables the rapid and precise determination of an appropriate control strategy for every risk. Unacceptable health risks are revealed and appropriate recommendations for action are issued.

The EMKG offers control guidance sheets for each control strategy in the form of two-page check lists which provide support with the implementation of measures.

What control strategies are available?

The EMKG consists of three control strategies.

  • Control strategy 1:
    Control strategy 1 consists of minimum requirements for workplaces. These organisational and hygiene measures are to be implemented at all times.
  • Control strategy 2:
    Control strategy 2 describes emissions control measures for typical work processes which minimise the releasing of hazardous substances, e.g. during weighing, filling and decanting, emptying, mixing, coating and laminating.
  • Consultation: Risks which are especially high require a closed system or the advice of experts.
  • Control strategy 3:
    Control strategy 3 describes solutions for closed systems.

As an EMKG user, you will find both general information on the EMKG as well as several work aids, enabling you to apply the appropriate occupational safety measures in your organisation quickly and precisely.


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