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Easy-to-use Workplace Control Scheme for Hazardous Substances - Pocket Discs and App

Practical and mobile - for the rapid assessment of the risk

With the compact EMKG pocket discs and the app you are able to gain a rapid and straightforward overview of the possible risks in your organisation on location. Both are also suitable for communicating risks to superiors and employees.

The EMKG pocket discs and app provide a compact summary of the EMKG fire and explosion, inhalation and skin modules. Whether as a pocket disc or an app, both can be put to good use in many standard situations at the workplace.

The EMKG pocket discs and app provide a summary of the "Easy-to-use Workplace Control Scheme for Hazardous Substances - EMKG". For the risk assessment, you also require the information from the guidelines - particularly in cases of work at high application temperatures or in cases in which hazardous substances go into large-scale use.

Guidelines on the Easy-to-use Workplace Control Scheme for Hazardous Substances (EMKG)

The EMKG pocket discs

picture of the EMKG discs © Susanne Graul/Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

The following EMKG pocket discs, which are easy to understand and come in a handy pocket, are available:

  • Fire and explosion
  • Inhalation
  • Skin

With these pocket discs, you are able to rapidly determine risks and derive the suitable measure-stages.

These EMKG pocket discs are also suitable for use in seminars and the provision of instructions. In combination with the practical examples, the individual EMKG steps can be demonstrated in an easy-to-understand way.

Practical examples and additional training materials

Important Sources of Information

The most important sources of information are the identification label and the safety data sheet (SDS) of the hazardous substance; if required, you can obtain further information on location at the organisation.

  • You require information on the H- or R-statements (see identification label and SDS, section 2) and on the occupational exposure limits (OEL) of the hazardous substance (see SDS, section 8).
  • In the case of liquids, it is necessary to know the boiling point or vapour pressure (SDS, section 9).
  • For solids, you should determine the dusting tendency during your work at the location.

You also require the approximate amount of hazardous substance which is used per activity.

Using the compact EMKG pocket discs

Start with the one of the pocket discs and complete the steps which are described on it. This is how you derive the appropriate steps for protecting the employee against fire and explosion and for protecting the employees' health.

At the appropriate measure-stages, the EMKG pocket discs refer to the control guidance sheets, with which the necessary measures can be implemented. You can download the control guidance sheets on our website.

Control Guidance Sheets

The EMKG app

With the compact EMKG 2.2 app, the possible fire, explosion and health risks in your organisation can be determined quickly and easily on all mobile end devices. The compact EMKG app provides the same application tips as the pocket discs.

One advantage of the app is that you are referred directly to the control guidance sheets and can therefore check the measures immediately on location.

The compact EMKG 2.2 app does not replace the documentation of the risk assessment or verification of the effectiveness of protective measures, however. For this purpose, you can use the EMKG Software 3.0.

The app is available to download for both iOS and Android operating systems:
Google Play Store
Apple iTunes

It is available in German and English. The language depends on the setting of your mobile device.



Unit 4.6 "Hazardous Substances Management"

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