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Mental Health in the Working World

The behaviour of leaders can influence the experience and actions of employees both positively and negatively. This research area focuses on when this is the case.

Certain leadership characteristics influence the health of employees. These characteristics can on the one hand be beneficial and thus function as resources. On the other hand, they can also represent a risk and can have a negative impact on the health of employees.

Transformational leadership, employee-oriented leadership and a high quality of social interaction are regarded as resources particularly. Health-promoting aspects are, for example, appreciation, consideration and involving employees.

In contrast to this, destructive leadership behaviour, such as hostile verbal and nonverbal statements by leaders, or a lack of leadership skills, can put the health of employees at risk.

Aditionally, alongside with the concrete leader behaviour, there are leadership instruments, for example performance appraisals or performance-related remuneration concepts. These are applied to influence employee behaviour. It is certainly conceivable that these instruments can also have an effect on the health of employees.

Current state of knowledge

A scoping review by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health summarises the state of scientific knowledge on leadership in the context of work. It observes the interrelation of different leadership styles with (mental) health and well-being. It also describes its relation to motivation, job satisfaction and performance. The found interrelations form the basis for the subsequent derivation of characteristics of health-promoting management.

The project "Mental Health in the Working World"

The scoping review on management in the context of work is part of the project "Mental Health in the Working World - determining the current state of scientific evidence". The project assesses mental load factors by means of the state of scientific knowledge.

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