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Human-Computer Interaction

Mental Health in the Working World

Research into human-computer interaction in the office is concerned in particular with the user-friendly design of interactive systems and their human-machine interfaces. A higher-level field is human-machine interaction. This is concerned with similar questions, but generalises the human interaction partner as a machine.

Two important aspects of human-computer interaction in the office are ergonomics and the usability of software and hardware. The ergonomic design of work systems is aimed among other thing at optimising the stress caused by work, avoiding negative effects and supporting alleviating effects. Usability describes the extent to which software or hardware can be utilised in a concrete context by specific users in order achieve specific targets effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.

Current state of knowledge

A scoping review by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health summarises the state of scientific knowledge on human-computer interaction. It focusses here on the appropriate design in the office and considers the latest study situation on ergonomics and the usability of software and hardware, and of input and output devices. In addition, the effects on motivation, job satisfaction and performance are made the subject of discussion. The scoping review's main focus is on studies on design aspects. These are shown in summary and statements on design are generated. The review also reveals gaps in the research.

The project "Mental Health in the Working World"

The scoping review on human-computer interaction is part of the project "Mental Health in the World of Work - determining the current state of scientific evidence". The project assesses mental stress factors by means of the state of scientific knowledge.

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