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BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2018

Working conditions and health from the employees' perspective

The survey focuses on questions related to the workplace (areas of activity, work requirements, workloads, etc.) as well as stress and health impairments. Moreover, information concerning the relationship between education and further training and employment in a broader sense was gathered.

Compared to other studies, the employment survey is characterised by the examination of a representative sample of the working population. In addition, by taking advantage of the simultaneous collection of data regarding stress and health problems, correlations between stress and physical as well as mental impairments can be shown.

Who was interviewed?

A total of 20,012 gainfully employed persons aged 15 and above with an average working time of at least ten hours per week were interviewed in Germany. In this case, gainful employment means an activity which is associated with an income. Thus, volunteers as well as persons in an employment relationship within their first vocational training were excluded. Foreign residents were only included in the survey if they had a sufficient command of German. Although employed without fixed remuneration, unpaid family workers and persons with a maximum of three months' interruption from work were interviewed as well.

The 2018 Employment Survey is the seventh of its kind, and like the previous surveys from the years 2006 and 2012 (previously BIBB/IAB survey), it was conducted using computer-assisted telephone interviews. In addition to this, the 2018 BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey was the first to be based on a dual frame approach.

What information can I find here?

Currently, a more detailed description of the survey and specialist publications on the topic of "Work and Health" is provided here.

For further detailed information please refer to our German Website.

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