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Accidental Deaths and Accident Injuries in Germany

Estimation of the annual accident rate in Germany

There is no uniform recording of all accidents in Germany. Thus, some accidents are counted twice. An accident with the car on the way to work, for example, is a road traffic accident in the traffic accident statistics as well as a commuting accident in the work accident statistics.

Entrance to the emergency ward of a hospital © Uwe Völkner, Fotoagentur FOX

Annually and in cooperation with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) estimates the total number of all accidents in Germany based on various accident statistics:

  • Work and school: work accident and school accident statistics of the accident insurance
  • Traffic: traffic accident statistics of the Federal Statistical Office
  • Home and leisure: estimates or projections of the Robert Koch Institute from survey data (GEDA¹ and KiGGS²)
  • Fatal accidents: statistics of the death causes of the Federal Statistical Office

Accidental Deaths and Accident Injuries in Germany Accidental Deaths and Accident Injuries in Germany (Larger version opens in new window) *) The work-related shares in the traffic category - 478 fatal accidents and 0.14 million injured persons - as well as the school sector - 40 fatal accidents and 0.06 million injuries - are shown in ochre and green. Sources: Statistics on causes of death, statistics on traffic accident, statistics of statutory accident insurance institutions, RKI data set

1), 2012
2), 2009 - 2012

The publication of Accidental Deaths and Accident Injuries in Germany for 2016 has been cancelled. Unfortunately, not all relevant data is available to BAuA. Whether the available data will allow for a publication for 2017 will be clarified in autumn 2019.

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