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Monitoring Working Conditions

Monitoring and analysing trends for a healthy world of work in the future

BAuA systematically observes and measures changes and trends in the working environment and analyses their impacts on occupational safety and health. This involves not only monitoring the current situation but also observing any structural changes.

An efficient monitoring system is used as the basis for mapping changes in the working environment. The data generated in this way allows BAuA to formulate and adapt appropriate requirements for research, development and implementation activities. BAuA uses various methods and processes for data collection.

Report on safety and health at work

As part of its reporting on the working environment, BAuA prepares an annual report on the status of "Safety and health at work" (Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit, SuGA) on behalf of the federal government. This report presents a comprehensive set of data on occupational safety and health and related topics.

Working Time Report Germany

In 2016, BAuA expanded upon its systematic monitoring of safety and health at work with an important new element: compiled for the first time, the Working Time Report provides subtly differentiated information on the working time realities faced by workers in Germany. This also - and in particular - includes an analysis of the connections between different stresses and strains on workers with regard to health risks.

Regular employment survey

Every six years, in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), BAuA conducts an employment survey based on 20,000 telephone interviews. The results of this BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey provide detailed insights into working conditions, workloads and work-related stress in various groups of employees and sectors.

DEMOWANDA - an information platform about demographic change

Covering a cross-section of topics, this information platform about demographic change is maintained by BAuA in collaboration with other governmental research institutions. The aim of demowanda is to examine the world of work by reference to demographic change from various perspectives and to make the resulting findings available to a wide audience. Various types of data are incorporated, ranging from official statistics data to survey data collected by the participating institutions themselves.

For further detailed information please refer to our German Website.

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