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Focus Analysis 2010

The spectrum of public sector tasks is broad: from federal administration to schools, police, hospitals and municipal associations. Accordingly, tasks and working conditions differ considerably in these areas.

However, all have one thing in common: the transformation of the working world has long since also reached the public sector. The 4.6 million employees are thus no strangers to staff cutbacks, outsourcing or other restructuring processes. In this context, the framework conditions for work and, respectively, the working conditions in the public sector have changed considerably over the last decade.

The focus analysis of the public sector in the context of the report "Safety and health at work 2010" considers various aspects:

  • Staff structure: In 2010, how many people are working in which areas of the public sector? How have the shares of different employment relationships developed over time? What is the age and/or gender distribution? What is the rate of part-time or fixed-term employment?
  • Working conditions: How do working conditions in the public sector compare to the industry, crafts and the service sector? What are the prevailing framework conditions regarding working time? Are there any over-/underchallenging situations? What physical and mental conditions are public sector employees exposed to in comparison to other fields?
  • Health problems: Which are rahter common health problems in the different economic fields?
  • Accidents at work/occupational diseases: What is the situation regarding occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the public sector compared to the commercial economy? Which main issues arise?
  • Restructuring processes: How frequent are public sector restructurings? What are the impacts on working conditions and health problems in the public sector? Are the consequences comparable to those in the private sector?

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