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Fatal Work Accidents

Collecting, interpreting and analysing accident data

Every year fatal work accidents occur in Germany. We collect these, evaluate the data and identify the areas of accident hazard to derive preventive approaches. Here you will find information on how we collect our data.

Since 1978, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has been collecting and evaluating fatal accidents at work in the commercial sector (excluding mining and public roads). The basis for the accident analysis and statistical evaluation is a comprehensive examination sheet. The responsible authority for occupational and health shall fill it out after a fatal accident and send it to BAuA.

Because there is no legal obligation to report to BAuA but to employer's liability insurance association, BAuA data sets only cover a section of the entire of fatal accidents in Germany. There may be deviations between the statistics of the employer's liability insurance association and BAuA. For example in the years 2009 to 2017 1700 accidents were known to BAuA for the detailed evaluation. On the other hand the employer's liability insurance association presents 4295 accidents at the same period.

Fatal work accidents

Survey sheet

The current survey sheet collects the fatal accident in the following categories.

  • Event of accidents,
  • Information on the person concerned,
  • Company organisation and work order,
  • Equipment, technical facilites and hazardous substances involved,
  • Workplace,
  • Operational and administrative consequences,
  • Presentation of the sequence of events leading to accident.

Data interpretations

On the basis of the available data, we determine the main causes of accidents, the most frequent hazards and types of injury. Our interpretations provide information on the categories of accident-prone people, company sizes and the work equipment involved. For example, almost 40 percent of all fatal accidents, reported to BAuA, occur on building sites. About 650 construction site accidents involved more than ninety times building vehicles, for example wheel loaders. Every year BAuA publishes interpretations of the fatal accidents at work in their report on dangerous products. We are happy to answer your individual data requests.

Fatal work accidents with and without product-reference

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