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Restructuring and its Impact

Faster, different, new: the health of employees in change processes

Restructuring is the umbrella term for change processes that affect all organisational levels. These include, for example, relocations, insolvencies, mergers and internal reorganisations - with an impact on companies and employees.

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The working world has always been characterised by continuous and, at times, drastic changes. What is new, however, is the ever-increasing speed of change and the resulting instability of working conditions of the last thirty years.

Restructuring and change processes are a key component of today's work environment and place great demands on organisations and their employees.

Productive restructuring

In recent decades, Germany, as many European states, has developed from an industry-based to a service- and knowledge-based national economy. Globalisation, technologisation and demographic change are now the social parameters that create challenges for policy-makers as well as for businesses. This raises the question on how restructuring processes should be designed so that companies and their employees can manage them successfully.

Against this background the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) aims at contributing to ensuring the employability of employees and to the stabilisation of the competitiveness of the companies through targeted measures. This task is closely linked to the thematic focus on work design and employee orientation. It also involves questions on psychological load and demography.