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Initiative New Quality of Work (INQA) – Expert Task Force on Demographic Change and Work

New thinking for the working world of tomorrow

"Securing the future, shaping work" is the motto of the initiative "New Quality of Work" (INQA). It supports companies and institutions on their way to an economically sustainable and at the same time humane working environment.

The initiative unites all the important social forces, and contributes new know-how about the design of the working environment to companies. The aim is to improve the quality of work, to maintain employees' health and to increase the innovative power and competitiveness of the German economy. For this reason, the federal government, the federal states, trade unions, companies, associations and foundations are engaged in the initiative, aiming at creating a modern working culture and personnel policy.

Since 2004, a network of approximately 200 experts from research, social insurances, the federal government and the federal states, associations, trade unions and counselling are involved in INQA. What started as a thematic initiative group called "Getting older in employment - 30, 40, 50 plus" is now called the "Expert task force on demographic change and work". Getting older does not necessarily mean a loss of skills. On the contrary: Lots of competences increase in the course of life – especially those, that are important in the modern world of work. The "Expert task force on demographic change and work" is working on new concepts to meet the requirements of demographic change and digitalisation. Under the umbrella of INQA-demography, projects and networks are co-developed and supported by researchers of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


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