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Designing Demographic Change

Practical guidelines for adapting work to older employees and providing age and ageing-appropriate working conditions

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) supports all those who are confronted with demographic change in their daily workplace by means of action guidelines already tested in companies and administrations. The aim is to develop strategies for healthy and productive ageing.

The long-announced demographic change currently is in full swing. Businesses and society have begun to face the challenges of an aging society. Maintaining workability and employability throughout the working life is the key strategy for healthy ageing. The core element of this strategy is achieving an expanded prevention culture in businesses and administrations.

In the wake of the Initiative New Quality of Work (INQA) as well as in its own research and development projects, BAuA has developed a variety of guidelines and instruments giving recommendations for operative praxis. These are available below under "Publications", "Tools" and "Links".

Further Information

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