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Before buying and using a product, find out about its safety characteristics. We assist you in this process: with up-to-the-minute news about unsafe products, with statistical insights, and with appropriate points of contact.

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Trust in economic operators and in the domestic market can be maintained only if it is clear that products destined for sale are safe and not harmful to health. Taking suitable measures to strengthen this trust is one of the important tasks facing the European Union (EU), all Member States and the market surveillance authorities of the German Federal States and Federal Government. The aim is to guarantee the highest possible level of protection for all citizens of the EU.

Today, the EU already enjoys a relatively high level of product safety. This is thanks in equal part to the numerous legislative provisions for various product groups and to the work of the market surveillance authorities. The latter ensure that all involved parties play by the rules of the game within the domestic market. One such rule is that the corresponding economic operators must provide not only authorities, but also commercial customers and consumers, with timely and comprehensive information about unsafe and potentially dangerous products.

A detailed information system

To this end, all EU Member States are required to create corresponding infrastructure to ensure the rapid, secure and reliable flow of information. Against this backdrop, a corresponding information system performs various roles and tasks within the context of product safety and is accessible to the full range of stakeholders.

In the system, the economic operators (manufacturers, authorised representatives, importers, distributors) are legally required to inform the authorities of safety deficiencies in their products. If there is certainty or evidence to suggest that a product could pose a risk to the health and safety of third parties, manufacturers are required to issue product recalls and product warnings. In addition, the market surveillance authorities can order product recalls or withdrawals of products. They can also prohibit products from being made available on the market if they pose a serious risk and rapid intervention is necessary.

Market surveillance authorities

Furthermore, end users can notify the market surveillance authorities of dangerous products, for example using the internet-supported information and communication system for pan-European market surveillance (ICSMS):


In addition, if you contact us, we will be happy to put you in touch with the competent authority.

On the following pages, we also provide current notifications regarding dangerous products, as well as information on product safety.


Current Issues

Product Safety Commission (AfPS)

The Product Safety Commission advises the Federal Government on questions pertaining to product safety

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The internet-based information system helps supervising technical products across Europe

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Product Recalls

Since 2010, BAuA has made public more than 1.200 recalls of unsafe products.

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