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The European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Information on national implementation in the first regulation on the Product Safety Act

The European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EU (LVD) regulates the safety aspects for new electrical products intended for operation at rated voltages between 50 V and 1000 V alternating voltage or 75 V and 1500 V direct voltage.

The LVD was transposed into German law by the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) and the first Ordinance on the ProdSG (1st ProdSV).

During implementation, the text of the Low Voltage Directive was not completely translated into the German language, but was modified. The sections containing prescriptions for the provision and issue of electrical products on the market are treated directly in the ProdSG. They apply uniformly for all products. Specific objectives of the LVD were implemented in the 1st ProdSV.

The Low Voltage Directive and/or the 1st ProdSV contains regulations with regard to all health and safety hazards arising from electrical products for use within certain voltage limits.

The first Ordinance on the Product Safety Act (Regulation on Electrical Equipment - 1st ProdSV) was published on 17 March 2016 (Federal Law Gazette I No. 13, p. 502), pursuant to § 8(1) of the Product Safety Act of 8 November 2011 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 2178, 2179, 2012, page 131). § 8 Paragraph 1 of the ProdSG has been amended by Article 435 number 1 of the Regulation of 31 August 2015 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 1474).

The directive 2014/35/EU has been aligned with the New Legislative Framework. It replaces thereby the directive 2006/96/EC and entered into force on 20 April 2016. However, the directive 2014/35/EU keeps the same scope and safety objectives as the directive 2006/96/EC.