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Background Information on the Authorisation Procedure

Here you will find information and forms relating to an application for the authorisation of a biocidal product.

An application for authorisation must satisfy various requirements, which are described in the documents below. Furthermore you are provided assistance with compiling the necessary application documents.

Information on the authorisation of biocidal products

There are fact sheets relating to all of the different application types within the framework of the Biocidal Products Regulation. They explain the requirements for the respective applications and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Fact sheets are available for the following application types:

Other fact sheets provide assistance with the following topics:

More fact sheets (in German language) can be found on our German Website.

Application documents

Depending on the type of application, further documents may be required for submitting the application in Germany.

The corresponding application documents are compiled in the following zip-file:

Application documents for authorisation of biocidal products (ZIP, 3 MB)

For further information please refer to our German Website.


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