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Unit 3.6 Workplace interventions and transfer

The focal points of work of unit 3.6 "Workplace interventions and transfer" are in both its research into workplace interventions and the transfer of research results on health and safety at work to the organisational and supra-organisational practical level. In this way, the group contributes to the fulfilment of two core tasks of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

Organisational interventions

Research on interventions, as it is currently implemented in the different divisions of the BAuA, is very varied in terms of terminology, methods and contents and/or topics. Unit 3.6 at the Dresden office has a cross-sectional function regarding the topic of "organisational interventions" at the BAuA - both within division 3 as well as across divisions. It supports a superordinate professional and methodological exchange at the BAuA, the goal of which is

  • to gather, categorise, check and further develop methods and approaches for organisational interventions and their transfer,
  • to categorise knowledge on factors for effectiveness (why is an intervention effective (or not)?) and approaches for effectiveness (how and under what conditions is an intervention effective (or not)?), and
  • to derive standards for sound organisational interventions.

Unit 3.6 also conducts its own research on the topic of organisational interventions. In this respect, it focuses on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), with whom it develops intervention measures for occupational psychosocial risk factors, introduces these measures into the organisational practice, and evaluates the entire process on a scientific basis.


Closely associated with its research into organisational interventions are the transfer-related activities of unit 3.6. Their goal is to transfer BAuA's research results on health and safety at work into the organisational and supra-organisational practical level. Here, there is a focus on the region of Central Germany and on specific target groups - in specific terms: SMEs and healthcare. The transfer approaches comprise events for professionals (e.g. "Occupational safety colloquium", "SiFa workshop", "Dresden meeting for health and safety"), as well as collaborations in the region, networking and accompanying workplace design projects (as part of the Initiative New Quality of Work), in the context of which multipliers in the area of occupational safety are primarily addressed.

Due to its long standing experience in the area of transfer, group 3.6 has a strong network at the regional level. This forms the basis for its research activities into organisational interventions. In this way, needs and requirements at the practical level are addressed and introduced into the process of organisational design. Furthermore, due to the unit linking research and transfer activities, it is possible to directly transfer new knowledge on workplace design to the practical level.

In addition, the group actively contributes its knowledge to the common Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy.


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Head of Unit 3.6 Regional Transfer, Special Sectors

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