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Focus: Safety and Health in the Digital World of Work

The focus on Safety and Health in the Digital World of Work adopted under the previous Work and Research Programme will be continued during the 2022-2025 programme period.

The BAuA-wide interdisciplinary approach taken to this focus will make it possible to gain a coherent picture of digitalisation's significance for the world of work. At the same time it will allow new stressors, resources, and impacts on employees to be investigated promptly and holistically, with the findings being used to draw up recommendations.

Against this background, the current programme period will see a focus on artificial intelligence technologies, innovative forms of organisation, and their consequences for humans, while questions about sustainable design will be addressed.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to bring about far-reaching changes to processes in organisations and workers' activities. As also when other technological innovations have been introduced, this is entailing opportunities and risks for work design. Requirements concerning system transparency, the fair use of data, and the opportunities for innovative OSH measures and work design will have central roles in connection with AI. In addition, questions about AI risk assessment and the technical safety of AI systems associated with raised levels of risk will be at the centre of the scientific investigations undertaken. The studies conducted and their results will therefore provide the foundations on which competence in the field of AI will be built up within the Federal Institute over the long term, allowing innovation to be supported in various areas.

As far as organisational forms are concerned, attention will centre on location and time-flexible working. The unifying theme will be the differentiated analysis of stressors' consequences, depending on technological developments and the demands technological change is making of occupational safety and health.

Ongoing research projects

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