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Product Safety Act

Safer products on the market

According to the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG), BAuA performs a number of tasks within the framework of internal market law and product safety. It is an important interface between the market surveillance authorities of the federal states, the Federal Government and in Europe.

Information exchange

As a national RAPEX contact point, BAuA ensures the exchange of information between the market surveillance authorities, the European Commission and the Member States. It ensures the national processes and the legal implementation of the RAPEX procedure as part of its quality assurance measures.
In addition, BAuA offers the general public a comprehensive information service. It announces official announcements and announcements from the economic operators, e.g. via product recalls. To this end, it operates a central product safety portal.

Risk assessment

In the context of its general research mission, BAuA pre-emptively determines and assesses safety risks and health risks associated with the use of products. In individual cases, it carries out risk assessments of products in consultation with the market surveillance authorities.

Product Safety Commission

BAuA conducts the business of the Product Safety Commission (AfPS), which advises the Federal Government on product safety issues.


In addition to standards, BAuA promulgates standards and technical specifications, which the AfPS has determined. It publishes GS bodies and approved inspection bodies according to ProdSG and BetrSichV.

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