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Chemicals Act

Regulation of chemicals for the protection of humans, animals and the environment

BAuA performs a number of important tasks within the framework of the REACH, CLP and Biocide Regulation, according to the Chemicals Act (ChemG). It is the competent authority for the import and export of dangerous goods and is responsible for the regulation on chlorofluorocarbons.

REACH, CLP and Biocide Regulation

As a federal agency for chemicals (BfC), BAuA is the legally competent authority for tasks within the framework of the REACH, the CLP and the Biocide Regulation.
It coordinates the procedures at the national level and acts as an interface between other participating authorities (assessment bodies), the federal states, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki, the European Commission and the applicants.
In collaboration with the assessment bodies, the BfC prepares assessment reports to determine the requirements and restrictions on the use of hazardous chemicals.
It represents Germany in the committees of the EU Commission and ECHA with regard to REACH, CLP and biocides.

CFC regulation

BAuA is jointly responsible as a BfC for the CFC regulation for the protection of the ozone layer.

Export / Import regulation

For the import and export of dangerous goods, BAuA is the designated national authority for the PIC procedure.

Regulation on persistent organic pollutants

BfC performs the tasks of the "competent authority" within the framework of the POP regulation.

More about Statutory and Sovereign Tasks

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