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Quality of participation in working life - Measuring, describing and designing the work situation of people with disabilities

Project number: F 2540 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), TU Dortmund Status: Ongoing Project


By acceding to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), Germany has committed itself to enabling people with disabilities to participate in all aspects of life. This also includes the equal right to fair, safe, and healthy working conditions. To date, there is very little information about the working conditions of people with disabilities available in Germany. This can primarily be attributed to the fragmentary data situation (data gap).

The few existing survey data that could offer insights into this topic have hardly been used so far. In general, only the overall participation rates for people with disabilities on the labour market are considered, without providing more detailed information about the workplaces and the characteristics of the jobs (utilisation gap). In consequence, the exact way in which these people participate in the working life has yet to be clarified and potential opportunities to make work more appropriate for them need to be identified (knowledge gap, design gap).

Against this background, Project F 2540 is examining which survey data are already available to describe the working conditions of people with disabilities and which gaps need to be filled in the future. Deeper insights will be gained into the working conditions of this specific group on the basis of existing survey data and qualitative interviews. Finally, recommendations for survey concepts for improving the data situation on the work situation of people with disabilities will be developed. This will be done in collaboration with specialists in the field and experts by experience,

This project is being conducted in cooperation with the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at TU Dortmund.


Unit 1.2 "Monitoring Working Conditions"

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