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Technical and organisational occupational safety

Project number: F 2505 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2022-09-30


Digital technologies are leading to a change in how work processes look today: many tasks no longer need to be carried out in a specific place or over fixed working hours. This creates added difficulties for businesses, employers' liability insurance associations and supervisory authorities in completely capture all the hazards employed persons are facing and in checking that all necessary protective measures are being implemented. In addition, the distinction between manufacturers and operators of technical facilities is becoming increasingly unclear. This means that there needs to be a stronger link between technical and organisational occupational safety on an operational level in order to guarantee effective occupational safety.

In this project, the BAuA units Fb 2.4 "Workplaces, Safety of Machinery, Operational Safety" and Fb 1.4 "OSH Structures and Strategies" are working together to determine whether the occupational safety measures and tools used today are adequate to meet the challenges of these changed conditions. At the same time, the project is also examining new opportunities for occupational safety which may arise as a result of digitalisation at an operational and inter-company level - through a digital network that would include all relevant stakeholders, for example.

The technical and organisational changes to the world of work mentioned above are being investigated in a literature and data-based analysis to discern the consequences of these changes for the occupational safety system. The data from the BAuA employee and working hours surveys, for example, is being more deeply analysed and supplemented by other findings from the "Monitoring the digital world of work" and "Tasks in times of digital change" research projects. Further exploratory research is also being conducted in order to analyse other connections and to open up new fields of research. We use the "visioning" method commonly used in the field of futurology to construct a vision of a digitalised occupational safety system, but also to predict challenges and adjustment requirements.

This project is part of the focus programme on "Occupational Safety and Health in the Digital World of Work".



Unit 1.5 "OSH Structures and Strategies, General Office of the National OSH Conference"

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