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People-oriented tasks

Project number: F 2503 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2023-03-31


The world of work is in a period of digital transformation. How will this change the tasks of employed persons? And what will be needed to make work human-centred in the digital age? This project investigates the influence of digitalisation on people-oriented tasks.

People-oriented tasks have the objective of bringing about changes to and with people. Examples include carers, nursing as well as occupations in the area of teaching. The spectrum ranges from simple support tasks through to tasks at the skilled or university degree level.

To investigate the research question, the current level of the knowledge is firstly determined and analysed using literature reviews and data analyses. In addition, sub-groups are considered which, for example, are characterised by the type and extent of digitalisation, working conditions and the specific characteristics of employed persons (for instance, openness to digital technologies). Within the sub-groups, the changing requirements regarding working tasks are analysed as well as the opportunities presented by digital technologies for the design of the work. The objective is the development of forward-looking, activity-specific future scenarios for people-oriented tasks.

The future scenarios describe the way in which people-oriented tasks can be made human-centred in the digital world of work. They are primarily intended for the scientific community, political decision-makers, social partners as well as stakeholders from the area of occupational safety and from companies. Taking the work in the projects "Monitoring the digital world of work" and "Occupational safety and health and digitalisation” into account, the future scenarios also serve the purpose of deriving the further need for action and design.

This project is part of the focus programme on “Occupational Safety and Health in the Digital World of Work” of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.



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