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Practice-oriented simplification of noise emission measurement methods

SP 4: Determining the local environmental correction for the emission sound pressure level according to DIN EN ISO 11202

Project number: F 2495 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2021-01-31


Loud machines in the work place can endanger the health of employees. For this reason, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC obligates all machine manufacturers to provide information on the noise emissions of their machines.

This information includes the emission sound pressure level. It quantifies the noise being produced by the machine at its workstation. The influence of the room and any background noise are not taken into account here. Machines can be compared with regard to their emission sound pressure level. That means companies using machines are able to look out for low noise emissions when selecting machinery.

For machine manufacturers, a measurement of the noise emission values in their own working areas – a so-called in-situ measurement – is a cost-effective alternative as it means they do not require their own anechoic chamber. However, any such in-situ measurement must be corrected with regard to the influence of the measuring environment.

This project investigates the extent to which the local environmental correction for the in-situ measurement of the emission sound pressure level in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11202 can be simplified further. Among others, the simple procedure for determining the environmental correction for the sound power level developed in project F2438 shall be used for this purpose. The environmental correction for the sound power level is an input parameter for determining the local environmental correction for the emission sound pressure level.

The simplification of this noise emission measurement procedure is contributing to making noise emission declarations of machines more reliable in the future. This is a prerequisite for being able to obtain quieter machines and thus reduce the noise exposure of employees.


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