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Advancement and connection of modelling approaches for estimating inhalation exposure during spray applications

Subproject: Modular Exposure Models for OSH Risk Assessment in Chemical Safety

Project number: F 2492 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2023-03-31


According to European regulations on chemicals, the health risks of employees working with chemical substances and products must be evaluated. An important part of this assessment is the reliable estimation of exposure. This must be carried out by the industry and verified and corrected if necessary by responsible authorities. As results of measurements at the workplace are often not available, alternative calculation models to simulate exposure situations must be used.

If paints, disinfectants or other chemicals are sprayed, there is a risk that the respiratory tract (inhalation exposure) and skin (dermal exposure) will be affected. Some time ago, the BAuA had developed the model SprayExpo for spray applications. It is based on the physical laws for dispersion of aerosols.

The aim of this project is to extend the scope of the model SprayExpo for inhalation exposure. At the same time, the user-friendliness is to be improved. From the existing model, the part that calculates the inhalation exposure to non-volatile substances will be taken up. A new component on liquid mixtures and volatile substances will be added. Furthermore, a simple model approach is to be connected to the SprayExpo model for initial exposure assessment. The new module composed in this way is intended to support the tiered approach provided for in the European Chemical Safety Guidelines for Risk Assessment. The model module shall additionally include guidance to assist in its application. In another project, the further developed and supplemented SprayExpo module will be integrated into a toolbox for exposure assessment.


Unit 4.1 "Exposure Scenarios"

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