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Requirements for safety technology in context of Industry 4.0

Evaluation of safety and security verification of machinery and plants in context of Industry 4.0 applications

Project number: F 2474 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2022-12-01


In today's production plants, market-related sales fluctuations are usually taken into account with a certain reserve of resources. In the future, however, significantly more dynamic markets are expected, so that the required flexibility would no longer be economical. For this reason, in the context of "Industry 4.0", versatile production systems are discussed, that is, a combination of production modules based on the individual order. In doing so, individual modules are combined to production islands on an order-related basis, mostly wireless networked and automatically configured. Only then the product to be manufactured can control its own manufacturing process.

This method results in a large number of different subsystems and their possible combinations, which makes the overall system very complex. The structure and the overall behavior of the system components as well as the dependencies of these components with each other can not be predicted at all or only conditionally at the time of development. Also, how the overall system will behave during operation is difficult to assess in advance. It is expected that the methods available today for the analysis and evaluation of functional safety as well as the industrial security of the information and network technology used will reach their limits in such versatile systems.

The aim of the project is a detailed, systematic consideration of the methods of risk assessment and the safety verification of machines and production facilities in the context of Industry 4.0. Within the framework of the project, the connections between the operating functions of the machines and plants, the safety measures as well as the security measures with potential (negative) influence on the functional safety are to be examined in the form of a systematic, analytical evaluation on the basis of selected industrial application scenarios.

In particular, the structural and functional differences to today's machinery and equipment of production and manufacturing technology should be taken into account so that specific fields of action as well as the further development demand of today's methods for safety verification are localized. The aim is to support the technological development in manufacturing and production technology from the point of view of occupational safety and health in order to ensure the safety and health of employees further on.

Building on the findings of this project, further investigations into the functional safety of versatile machines and production plants are to take place in the form of a subsequent cooperation project. Together with the project partners to be won, application-oriented work results in a corresponding Industrie 4.0 laboratory infrastructure are researched and further developed.


Unit 2.4 "Workplaces, Safety of Machinery, Operational Safety"

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