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Project bundle: Longitudinal study of mental health at work (S-MGA II) - Project component 2: Longitudinal associations between working and employment conditions, burnout and depressive symptoms

A Study on etiological associations between working conditions, mental health and work ability

Project number: F 2460 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2023-03-31


The impact of work characteristics on mental health is of increasing interest to workers and employers, society and politics. The aim of this research project is to investigate the etiological relationships between psychosocial employment and working conditions (e.g. quantitative demands, job insecurity or leadership quality) and indicators of poor mental health (burnout and depressive symptoms) as well as functioning and work ability.

The German longitudinal study on mental health at work (S-MGA) provides a unique database for this research field, as it is based on a representative sample of employees subject to social insurance contributions in Germany and also captures a multitude of less researched risk factors.

The first of four work packages will identify work-related risk factors for poor mental health. In the second work package the association between burnout and depressive symptoms will be analysed. The third work package takes up work-related risk factors for impaired functioning and work ability. The last work package focuses on the reciprocal relationship between work and employment conditions with mental health.

The results offer scientific and practical benefit, because they extend the national and international evidence and they can be used for the screening of risk factors for poor mental health and impaired workability and functioning. Further, results of the present project provide basics for recommendations and concepts of prevention.



Unit 3.2 "Mental Workload and Mental Health"

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