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Intervention for health-promoting dealing with flexible forms of work regarding place and time of employees and teams in organizations

Project number: F 2454 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2023-06-30


The aim of this project is to develop and evaluate various interventions for a health-promoting organization of flexible work in terms of place and time.

Due to the changing world of work and the possibilities offered by digitalisation, more and more people use the possibilities for flexible working time models and mobile work independent of place and time. This means that employees can increasingly decide for themselves where and when they work. This offers advantages to both employees (e.g., better work-life balance, organization of working time according to personal requirements) and employers (e.g., higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity).

However, if no clear boundaries are set between work and private life, this can entail risks for employees, such as insufficient recovery due to constant preoccupation with work, permanent availability, or conflicts between different life domains. This can negatively affect their well-being, work-life balance, and performance.

For this reason, this project seeks to develop and evaluate various interventions for employees working flexibly in terms of place and time. Based on current scientific knowledge, various trainings will be developed specifically for people who work temporarily or permanently independent of a permanent workplace and fixed working times. Trainings for individuals as well as team workshops for working groups and their supervisors will be developed. They follow a resource-oriented approach, activating personal strengths such as self-organization.

In the trainings, participants will learn to set boundaries consciously between their work and private life, to spend their breaks and leisure time in a relaxing way, and to organize their daily working routine effectively and in a healthy way. The team work-shops will focus on the joint development of strategies for dealing with the challenges of flexible work in terms of time and place, creating transparent expectations regard-ing collaboration and opportunities for mutual support.
Starting in autumn 2020, several studies will assess whether the developed trainings help employees who can (partially) decide for themselves where and when they work to cope with the challenges of flexible working in terms of time and place better, and to organize their everyday working life in a health-promoting way.

The knowledge gained in this project will be published promptly and made accessible to the public and the scientific community through presentations at specialist events. The project results should help to provide employees who work flexibly in terms of time and place with specific actions on how to organize their everyday working life in a healthy, satisfied and effective way.


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