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Occupational circadian effective light exposure

Subproject 1: Job-Exposure-Matrix (JEM) for the assessment of circadian effective light exposure for selected occupations based on objective measurements; Subproject 2: Determination of circadian effective daylight exposure based on long-term measurements and simulations

Project number: F 2449 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2023-08-31


The knowledge about non-visual, circadian effective light exposure of different occupational groups is important in order to identify possible connections between diseases and occupational light exposure in epidemiological studies.

In subproject 1, a job exposure matrix (JEM) for circadian effective light exposure in selected occupations will be developed. A JEM associates information on the occupation with information of the extent of exposure. A three-dimensional JEM will include light exposure, occupation (taking into account different working time models) as well as seasonal dependence (summer, winter). Two JEMs are to be created, one for the "light at night" (LAN) and one for the "lack of light".

Subproject 2 deals with the assessment of circadian effective daylight exposure of employees. Long-term measurements of the intensity and spectral composition of daylight will allow the calculation of the circadian effective daylight exposure of an all-day outdoor worker depending on the course of the day and year. This value of daylight exposure will be compared with the actual light exposure of the subjects in subproject 1 in order to quantify the lack of light for selected occupations.


Unit 2.2 "Physical Agents"

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