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Headphones and Headsets for reducing background speech in office work

Project number: F 2443 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2019-06-30


The number of work places in open space offices is increasing, but often unwanted background speech from neighbouring work places leads to noise problems in offices and has been identified as a stressor in office work. In cases where these problems are not solved sufficiently by room acoustics or by organisational measures, workers frequently use headphones to separate themselves from the acoustic environment. Particularly headphones with Active Noise Control (ANC) technology are used, which partially is applied to headsets for use in call centers as well.

In this project the capability of reducing the speech intelligibility from background noise by the use of ANC-headphones and headsets is investigated by measuring speech transmission and passive noise insulation.


Unit 2.2 "Physical Agents"

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