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Analysis of bioaerosol-borne toxins by proteomics technologies

Project number: F 2441 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2022-12-31


Exotoxins are proteins secreted from bacteria that are toxic against humans. Bacterial exotoxins have not been characterized in bioaerosols, yet. Thus, it is unknown if exotoxins are present in bioaerosols. If they are present, it is unknown which are present at what specific concentrations. Hence, nothing is known about the influence of exotoxins on the toxic potential of these bioaerosols.

Proteomic methodologies utilizing high resolution mass spectrometry will be established that allow the analysis and quantitation of very low concentrated exotoxins in bioaerosols. These methodologies will be applied on bioaerosol samples from workplaces in order to generate databases about the exotoxin composition at the specific workplaces.


Unit 4.7 "Biological Agents"

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