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BAuA contribution towards a development of a specific OECD Guideline to determine the particle size and number size distribution of nanomaterials

Project number: F 2428 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2020-09-30


Goal of the project is the "Development of a specific OECD Guideline to determine the particle size and number size distribution of nanomaterials". The guideline to be drafted is closely related to the OECD Test Guideline 110 ("Particle Size Distribution / Fibre Length and Diameter Distributions") and is supposed to summarise methods being capable of measuring reproducibly primary particle size distributions as well was size distributions of fibres including nanofibers (determination of diameter and length per fibre and the distribution). This may be done as an extension of TG110 or in a separate document dependent also on the decision of the WPMN. The draft work program of the OECD-WPNM for 2017-2020 foresees the review of the OECD Test Guideline 110.

The OECD has published a document listing the principally available methods for particle size measurements in the submicrometer range down to 1 nm. These methods will be examined and assessed in theory and experiment under the aspects of practicability, reproducibility and validity. The assessment will indicate if a method needs or can be used without further adaptions. These first assessed methods will be further tested in an international Round-Robin test which is one prerequisite for a draft guideline to be accepted. The project will be pursued under the coordination of BAuA together with the BAM. The focus of BAuA in this project is the development and establishment of test methods for fibres, including nanofibers. The results of the project, including those for primary (nano-)particles by BAM, are basis for drafting a guideline document for size distributions of primary particles and fibres in the size range of around 1-1000 nm. This document is foreseen to be submitted to the OECD via the German delegation.


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