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Experimental study on short-time load and demand during pushing and pulling loads with barrows

Contribution to the validation of the Key Indicator Method Pushing and Pulling

Project number: F 2425 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2023-09-30


Physical workload continues to be frequent in the present working environment. Barrows are commonly used e.g. in the construction industry, agriculture and forestry, garbage disposal and logistics. To assess health risks,- the Key Indicator Method (KIM) “Pushing/Pulling” - which is based on expert knowledge and has been developed by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - can be used. The aim of the project is to test whether the experts’ assessments adequately reflect changes in load (sensitivity of the method).

It is assumed that short-time effects in the experiment correlate with manifest adverse health effects after long-time exposure. Type of underground, inclination of the path, load (mass) and centre of mass will be varied systematically in the experiment. The resulting stress and strain will be measured with body posture and body movement, hand forces and surface reaction force, muscular activity, heart frequency and subjective strain assessment. The complex approach reflects the fact that the method KIM considers biomechanical, energetic, musculo-physiological and psychophysical aspects.

The results based on experimental data will be compared with the expert knowledge in order to validate the KIM "Pushing/Pulling" and modify it if necessary.


Unit 3.1 "Prevention of Work-related Diseases"

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