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Work assistance system for the individualization of work organization and training methods (AIM) - Development and validation a method for supplying context-sensitive information in production

Project number: F 2419 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2019-11-30


The joint research project is aiming to develop a concept for the use of smart devices for context-sensitive assistance and training methods for a lasting preservation of the adaptability and employability of workers in the production.

The BAuA related subproject deals with context-sensitive and person-specific supply of relevant infor-mation in the current production environments, which is necessary for the technological assistance system. In addition, the usability and acceptance of the overall concept should be ensured. Furthermore, it is checked whether the entire system is perceived as a disturbing factor in the work process. This con-cerns the use of smart devices as well as the influence of the training content and time, especially with regard to the mental stress of the user.

First, the information to be provided are identified, based on an information demand analysis. In respect to the information supplied by means of smart devices, an approach is chosen taking into account criteria for usability and simplicity of solution. Based on these findings, the prototypical implementation of a context-sensitive, personal data provision and visualization takes the form of a demonstrator. Subsequently, the usability as well as the acceptance of the demonstrator on part of the employees will be validated. Mental stress and strain associated with the use of smart devices for context-sensitive work assistance are scientifically investigated by means of laboratory and field tests throughout the project phases. The research results are continuously documented and published.

The project results contribute to the identification of opportunities and risks of new working conditions as a result of the use context-sensitive work assistance systems. Here, the provision of individual infor-mation as an essential component of new assistance systems and optimization of psychological stress in the domain of smart industry is of particular relevance. The research findings and derived insights are integrated into future research projects and on-going standardization. This occurs particularly in the areas and topics of smart industry and adaptive work assistance systems.

The research project "AIM - Work assistance system for the individualization of work organization and training methods" is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in context of the research program "Preventive measures for safe and healthy work practices of tomorrow" and is coordinated by Projektträger Karlsruhe (PTKA) (funding number: 02L14A162).



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