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Human-centered design of human-robot-interaction; Project 3 "Human-Robot-Interaction and assistance systems - task allocation in Smart Factories"

Project number: F 2418 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2022-06-30


In the course of the digitalization of the working world, new technologies, assistance systems and especially interacting robots are introduced into industrial production settings. By using such technologies in smart factories, the profitability of small-scale production can be increased. In addition to this, workers can be supported by assistance systems and robots - also in managing increasing complexity.

New forms of cooperation like human-robot interaction (HRI) require rethinking task allocation to humans and robots. The idea of a flexible, dynamically adaptable task allocation integrated into the work process itself is central to this research project. The goal is to determine how allocation processes affect people psychologically and how allocation processes can accordingly be designed to retain humane working conditions.

Hence, we examine the existing literature in the field and empirically test the effect of different allocation processes on behavior, affect and cognition of people working together with a robot. An online-experiment shows how allocation via different agents affects the perception of a task allocation process. In a laboratory experiment, we examine in detail how a software-supported task allocation can be designed to positively influence work perception.

The results contribute to finding new solutions for the design of human-robot cooperation. When aiming for benefits from closely interwoven work of humans and robots, we both need to reflect on established practices and explore new, scientifically grounded options for work design. By creating humane task allocation processes, we can leverage synergies and create a safe and successful cooperation that is future-proof. This project aims at laying the scientific basis for this.


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