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Limiting and focusing as coping strategies for time and work pressure

Project number: F 2406 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2019-07-01


Coping with time and performance pressure is a central demand for companies as well as employees in today's everyday work life. Within the framework of a research project "Limiting" and "Focusing" should be examined as coping strategies to deal with time and performance pressure. These represent counter strategies to the indeed widespread but in the long run rather unfavourable and unhealthy coping strategies of work extensification and intensification. Motives of employees as well as in particular occupational and task-related conditions should be identified that enable or rather hinder "Limiting" and "Focusing". So far, these have been explored insufficiently. In addition to that, different facets and consequences of (Non)Limiting and Focusing should be examined. The research project aims at identifying the preconditions of a successful "healthy" Limiting and Focusing. Condition-related as well as behavioral measures to promote and ensure Limiting and Focusing should be derived.

To achieve the defined research objectives a qualitative interview study should be conducted. Demanding work with comparatively high time and work pressure should be examined in the sector of knowledge and skilled service work. Employees who practise limiting and/or focusing should be contrasted with employees who tend not to limit and/or focus. In total, approximately 40 employees of 4 - 6 different companies should be included in the study.

Results will on the one hand contribute to the international research discurse especially in the field of work and organizational psychology. On the other hand, specific recommendations for practice (including the occupational safety and health community) to deal with time and performance pressure will be provided.


Unit 3.5 "Mental Workload"

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