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Validation of control guidance sheets for filling of containers with dust releasing solid matter

Project number: F 2403 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2020-04-30


Filling containers of different size and filling volume with solid hazardous substances is one of the most used activities in many enterprises. During this activity airborne particles are released into workplace air. According to the EMKG, the BAuA tool for chemical control banding, there exist Control Guidance Sheets, which describe the required safety measures, can be selected using the EMKG. In the background, the Control Guidance Sheet is connected with an exposure band, that according to the control banding approach shall be attained by implementing the recommended measures.

Based on the measurement of the respirable and inhalable particle fraction the investigations are aimed to validate the corresponding Control Guidance Sheets for filling containers with solid hazardous substances and to show under which conditions the predicted exposure band is adhered to. Therefore, a measurement strategy developed for filling of containers with organic liquids will be adapted for filling of containers with solids, which are able to release airborne particles. Additionally, for all solids under investigation the dustiness will be numerically measured enabling the selection of appropriate Control Guidance Sheets on a quantitative basis instead of a qualitative one, which is in use at the moment.


Unit 4.4 "Measurement of Hazardous Substances"

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