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Project cluster: Physical inactivity in the workplace - etiology, risk assessment & prevention, Project 1a Scoping review; Project 1b Systematic review

Project number: F 2399 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) / N.N. Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2017-12-31


The project is part of a project cluster aimed to describe physical inactivity in the workplace. Results from scientific studies show that physical inactivity - particularly prolonged sitting - is a risk factor for the development of musculoskeletal and cardio-metabolic diseases.

The first sub-project (project 1a) is a scoping review, as a base for the following sub-projects. The first step is a summary of possibilities for interventions at the workplace aimed to reduce inactivity as well as their implementation, and the evidence of their efficacy based on existing reviews and recent studies. Work related and individual determinants with significance for the implementation of the interventions will be considered to understand their impact on physical inactivity as well as the utilization of interventions.

Based on the results of the scoping review, further research questions for a systematic review will be identified and prioritized and answered (sub-project 1b).


Unit 3.1 "Prevention of Work-related Diseases"

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