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Data mining technologies - Subproject identification of accidents involving products

Project number: F 2390 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) / N.N. Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2020-03-31


In the field of "Safe products and work equipment" the BAuA examines numerous issues (e. g. dangerous products, accidents, recalls) to identify dangerous products and risks at an early stage on the basis of accidents. Therefore different data sources (e. g. RAPEX and ICSMS messages, official reports of fatal accidents) are used for the evaluation. Their information content differs greatly and the totality of accidents and the presence of dangerous products are reflected only partially. The assessment of available information on the Internet is currently carried out only to a very limited extent.

The aim of the project is to clarify to what extent Big Data technologies are useful in issues of product safety, especially at the identification of accidents with product involvement. It is expected that in future technologies such as data-, text and web mining will close information gaps. In particular machine learning algorithms and software for repetitive analysis should be used for the examination of large data sets on the Internet. Initially the search algorithms must be developed on the basis of existing data and trained further and continuously, so that a permanent instrument for the assessment and reporting of product safety can be established at the BAuA.


Unit 2.1 "Basics of Product Safety"

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